Brain Salad Ballad, Digital Art and Poetry by joans-zone

Brain Salad Ballad

Write what you know,
say the experts on
writing. What do I
know? Well, there’s joy, of
course, happiness comes to
mind, as does love,

tricky, wonderful, sometimes
maddening love, followed by
heartache—one of my
specialties. I am a
romantic, I don’t always
pick the right people

for me, as I am too
trusting (yes, let’s not
forget trust), and I do
fall in love rather
easily (not recommended). Then
follows separation, sadness,

sorrow, the unhappy trio,
lodged in my chemical
cortex, battling it
out with disappointment,
anger, and a conversely, some
positive brain salad

mix, surging through cells, I
pray for a
truce, for peace and
compromise, as I
stumble towards



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