Spun to Death, poetry and photo-creation by Joan Ellen Gage

Spun to Death This modern amoral, truth-spun (Let’s not call them lies) world, sends me under the covers, hiding from the daily talking heads delivering todays affronts to hearts that still beat for humanity and brotherhood; hearts that bleed and crack open from the onslaught of cruelty and cowardice, while our minds consider madness rather … Continue reading


Carve Your Words Carefully, poetry and photography, by Joan Ellen Gage

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The Pen is as Mighty as the Knife Carve your words carefully, with studied blade trimming unsightly grammar, hollowing out weak characters—all spool away as they are cut, like apple peelings, the unnecessary, the contrived, the awkward, fly from honed hand as imagery is revealed. Saw-dusted adjectives and adverbs lie in disgrace, on the cutting … Continue reading