On Leaving, an Anniversary of Sorts, Digital Art and Writing, by joans-zone

On Leaving, an Anniversary of Sorts

One year passed, an anniversary of sorts. It was necessary,

I may not have come to full terms with what I’ve done–

broke a heart (of mostly stone), upheaved myself, my shallow roots,

shallow due to constant attempts to whittle me down, hundreds of

attempts to whittle me down, by one who thinks they have every

right to do so–not critisism, feedback, was the push back, right.

I did upheave, it took all my will, and it became a race to

get done with the thing–lawyers, documents, packing, and more

packing. It went on and on then Covid appeared on the horizon,

threatening, and I had to accelerate, to rush to protect my old ones, to

come galloping up to make camp, now, the gatekeeper, the bringer of food, or

whatever they needed from the outside world.

What did this cost me? Some lovely friends, a home, a stone-hearted man, a

world of nature, mountains, and its creatures. What have I got for it? Some

freedom, trading one prison for another, but this is my prison. I have good

neighbors, a thinner body, more nature, hills not mountains.

There will be more friends, perhaps a loving one. My heart is a bit stony, but

it can grow. It doesn’t have to happen, today, I know it often feels like it

must. I still have some time in this time of disease, of unkindness to others.

The time of “it’s all about me, and my friends, or my church, and the rest of you be

damned.” That’s what time it is.

And the clock is ticking, and we can, perhaps, see the beginning of the end of

the world, if we squint a little and listen to the dark unkind thoughts that

echo through this world.

May I find that dear one, before the end of this world. May we all wake up and

realize we have a choice to love and not hate. May we learn to love peace.


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©All creative works by Joan Ellen Gage are her exclusive property, and Joan maintains the legal rights to them.

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