Speaking the Words, Digital Art and Poetry by joans-zone

Speaking the Words

How is it possible to
forgive, what is the
process, the why, must we
do this? Are we

better people for
forgiving and is it
actual forgiveness, not
going through the

motions because we
feel we need to? I
believe, for some, it
takes a lot of

introspection and time
before we get to the
space where this can
begin. I reflect that

this is a long
process, possible taking
years, until we
achieve a whole or

partial absolution of ill
feelings against another, I
think this happens
gradually, the hands of time

softening the edges of
grievance, ‘til the act
appears to fade in
memory, and we often

wonder why this
occurrence, this sin,
was so important, that it
destroyed a loving

relationship. Therefore,
take a moment to
connect, to speak the
words, to heal, not

just for your own
wounds closing, but for
your friend, lover, family,
still bleeding from their

lacerations. Say them,
offer them, pay them
forward. Give them a
gift, a blessing, of



For E. and her family, and all of us, who need to speak the words

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©All creative works by Joan Ellen Gage are her exclusive property, and Joan maintains the legal rights to them.

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